Sunday, February 6, 2011

Valentive Treats

 These are the gift card treats that I made to sell at Jenniffer & Co for Valentine's day.  Inside is a full size Hershey's Chocolate Bar!  I used a 6 x 6" piece of double sided paper, scored one side at 1/2" and folded over for accent for the top edge of the pocket.  Then I attached it to the candy bar and ONLY on the edges on the front so a pocket would be formed.  I then made a little note card to slide into the pocket and decorated it with hearts.

 I stamped three different  words on the fronts for variety.  You could also slip in money, a check or a small flat gift item if you did not want to give a gift card or just use this as the gift and personal message.

 This is a closer look of the card hidden in the pocket.

I made 20 of these for the store so if you want one go check them out! 


Chelsea said...

These are sooo cute Rita!

Teresa Jenkins said...

These are great! Love the secret card!