Sunday, July 4, 2010

Special Guest Artists

Today I am featuring a couple a young guest artist.  This card, believe it or not, was made my Emma, who will be nine the end of next month.  I was fortunate enough to have some time with her and her brother in her mom's studio, Jen, last week. I was amazed by their work.  Emma puts a lot of thought into her design and her coloring is wonderful in this card too!  She used TAC's new set called 'Mice Day'. 

Here is another one of her's using the same set.  She added her own background with direct to paper and doodles.

This one she made for her pet cat, Max.  She definitely is a glitter girl.  She used TAC's new set called 'Kitty, Kitty, Kitty'.

Here is her brother's card ... but he was not willing to show is off so I had to sneak a picture of it.  Ryan's card uses the 'Mice Day' set also.  Ryan did a great job too .... he is six.  I had a wonderful time with him since he enjoys one of my great loves .... origami and paper folding.  He is a genius with paper folding and knows the terms and everything.  I had a wonderful time with the family ....  Thanks so much for the great visit.

I had a great time last week at my shows, farmer's markets.  These are a great place to get home grown product, foods, and gift items and give you a wonderful sense of community.  Be sure to stop in on one in your own area or if you are close to me stop in and see me!

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