Thursday, December 3, 2009

Gift card holders & gift tags

I know it has been a while, but blogger has been challenging me. It wants to put all of my pictures sidewards and I can not figure out why. If you can help, please let me know. But on to this post. I am so ... so ... so ... in love with my Cricut and Gypsy!!! Here are gift card holders made with Tags, Bags and More. I was able to use my G and put 4 per sheet of double sided paper. Aren't they yummy!! Tow of the ones above were gifted to me from two great people!! Thanks!! They are easy and fun to make ....... and yes there is more!!
This is a close up of one of them.
Notice the insides of the gift card holders are cut out .. well no need to waste that!! I made sets of four gift tags and tied them together with a ribbon to sell too!! Aren't they cute!!
Here is a a close up of one of them. You wouldn't have believed the paper that was left!! From one sheet of double sided paper I got: four gift card holders, the layer tops for the gift cards and 8 punched flowers and 8 punched centers!! Yes ... I had threads of paper left when I was done!

I will be at St. Mary's this Saturday for my last show of the year. It was been an excellent season for me. I will be introducing some new ideas at this show: Medical Information Book, My Readings and both of these two. I hope to figure out how to show you the others if not I will send you to my Etsy store to see them.

Blessings to all.