Monday, September 14, 2009

some Mini albums

Here are some of my first mini albums using the Cricut. Top is a school bus of course ... Does it need anything else to make it look like a school bus?
I love the colors in this one for any occasion.

This one is a backpack but many people who have seen it can not ID it as that. Can you give me any suggestions to make it look more like a backpack. If I put the handles on the back like a backpack they would not been seen and it would not lay down flat. I would love to make more of these to sell but not sure how to make it more real. I used Reece papers from TAC for it.

This last one is my first I made and you can still see the mistake with the Bind it all. I will learn. It is harder to place the holes correctly when it is not a straight line to punch on.

I will try and get more pictures done this week but I have a lot on my plate. Blessings

1 comment:

Diane said...

My very first thought when I saw the Reece one was, "Oh, a cute backpack!" I think other people must not have kids carrying them every day if they don't see it easily. ;-) all very Cute!!!