Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pre-seminar Excitment!!

Well, I have been really busy the last week getting ready for our annual Seminar with The Angel Company. We will be the first to see the NEW 2009 Inspiration Book!!! It will have new stamps, double sided paper and many other new items to play with! OH how fun it will be!! It will also be great to see all of my friends again from all over the country! I made so many things to take with me to trade for new ideas to share with all of you. I am going to show you a sneak peek of one of the projects I made that I am so in LOVE with. It is for a prop swap that we trade with another leader in the company. I so love this one ...... I will be making myself one for sure and teaching classes on it too!! But here is the sneak peek of it ... wait till you see the inside!!! You will not believer your eyes ... but you will have to wait until later to see it .... OK I will give you one more peak .... now that is it! No more until the owner gets to see it which will be on Thurs morning. So come back later on Thurs to see more of what is inside!

I will tell you I used the sets All Things of Nature & BooKoo Blessings, the paper is Angelee SWIC and the ink is Burnt Umber. I of course used my Score-pal to construct the box and make some of the things inside. Wait till you see what all is inside!! Do I have your attention yet??? Blessings

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Kim said...

Rita this is awesome! Great way to use the free downloads too!