Monday, June 8, 2009

Black berry Collage

Here is the same images as yesterdays post but made into black berries! I love these stamps. They are the are on sale until the end of June so be sure to get your order to me before that if you want them at the special price. When I was mounting this image I decided not to cut it even with the stamped image. I like to use two different colors on an image and not always all over the image but in parts. This one I left the bottom section larger for an accent. Made with same as the last few but with a different layout.
I am so thrilled!! I have always dreamed of having a large chair in my beautiful bedroom, where I can see my woods, watch TV, read, or take a nap. Well it happened!! My great niece and her husband carried up my chair and a half in dark chocolate plush material. It has an ottoman which opens for storage too!! I can even sit and fold laundry in my room without getting a soar back leaning over my bed. I can not believe I finally found the chair of my dreams and was able to get it in my room!! I am dreaming of tonight sitting and realizing upstairs in my bedroom. I had almost given up hope I would ever have this to enjoy. Thank you God!!!


Chelsea said...

Great card ... love the colors and your coloring

T. Kaiser said...

What a beautiful card! I love the colors, the image, the collage - all of it.