Saturday, February 21, 2009

Putting Pictures in your cards

A good friend of mine, Velda, has been taking pictures of nature and using them in her cards for a long time. I have always admired them and wanted to try it myself. I got a new camera that I can take pictures up really close and really far and have been having so much fun taking pictures this month. Today I had an opportunity to try my hand at making cards with them! I sent them to Snapfish to get developed and make them in 4 x 6 collage pictures with four pictures per collage. (I am going to try making them with 2 per picture next). This makes the pictures smaller and easier to put in mini books and cards. I have a wooded backyards with all of my little creatures playing all of the time. The squirrel on the first one is a regular picture and I used the Hostess Level A set Feel Good for the words. I really like how both the picture of the squirrel and the way the card came out. The second squirrel card is one of the collage pictures and I used a retired set for the caption. The paper is one the pages I had left over from a Woodrowe Album. It is double sided paper so I can pull up the corner to show a colored back side. The third card I used Reece SWIC as a background paper and a retired set for the words. I will post of few of the bird cards later. If you want to see the pictures closer, I will be adding these cards to my Etsy store for sale.

I am asking for prayers for my little baby, Gabby, my dog. She has been having some problems and had some tests done. She has a kidney stone that looked like the size of an egg in her bladder. She will have surgery this Wed. She is such a good dog and has been such a blessing to me. Please help me by praying for her and for a safe recovery. Thanks and blessings

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Chelsea said...

I love the squirrel cards ... and the "hang in there" stamp is a PERFECT sentiment! Thanks for sharing.