Thursday, December 18, 2008

Corner Holder

Here is a great way to display your holiday cards! I folded up a corner to hold them standing for viewing! You can make multiples of these to put a line of cards on your mantel or table to add to the decorations for the holidays. Your friends put a lot of time into making your card and it a blessing to receive hand stamped cards .... so show them off!!

I personally have been saving my cards unopened so I can open them all on Christmas Eve as a reminder of all of the wonderful friends I have. I will be out of town for the holidays so they will be used as decoration there too.

Dual Corner Holder
Supplies: two 4 x 8” red card stock (making two)
white paper
bone folder, acrylics, adhesive
2 1/2” scalloped square punch
green colored pencil, stipple brush
red and crystal Stickles
Viridian Leaf pad
Holly Flourishes T-2938

1. Start with a rectangle 4” x 8”
2. Fold in half forming a 4” square and crease well
3. Fold in half again forming a 2 x 4” rectangle and crease well
4. Open it to the 4” square again. Fold in half in the other direction and crease well.
5. Open to the 4” square again. Fold one side’s corners to the middle fold and crease. Go just inside the folds on both sides so it will have room to fold again. Do this to all four of the loose corners.
6. Fold each of the triangle ends back on the fold again so the top point of each triangle is in the middle to the first fold. Do this on both sides. It will now be in a 2 x 4” rectangle.
7. Finally fold it so it is a 2” square corner. REPEAT STEPS #1-7 FOR THE SECOND ONE!
8. Punch out two white scalloped 2 1/2” square and cut them each in half diagonally.
9. Stamp the holly flourish on each with Viridian Leaf ink
10. Stipple the green ink on white triangle.
11. Color the leaves green
12. Glue them to the outer corners of the Dual Corner Holders so the diagonals are even
13. Apply red Stickles for the berry and the Crystal as highlights on the Leaves and flourishes.
14. Your cards, pages etc. will go in the folded pockets with the decoration!

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