Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Great day for a birthday!!

It was a great day today!! I woke up early to lots of snow and lots of school closings ... my little Gabby couldn't run in the snow it was so deep. I took my camera out and took some of the cutest pictures ... I'll post later ... she had to make tunnels to go in and the snow is as deep as she is tall. It was fun. The after doing a few things my high school girlfriend called and asked me to lunch! It was nice since she was off work due to the snow. Ran errors and got ready for my class and another great friend stopped in with a 'Happy Beagle Day!' cheese cake!! It is do good and looks so cute!! I will show you how she made it look like a beagle later. The started packing for my road trip and had a great class. The girls sang to me and we had cheese cake and some of them brought cards. I also, had a great mail day with cards!! Thank you all so much for all of the cards and well wished here on my blog! It was a great day.
I have added a few more samples for you to see. Now I have to finish packing and get to bed .... but first ... you want to know the winners right???

the first winner ....... mnhyrkas said...

I'm liking anudder birthday- too cute and a great price too!
the other one that looks nice is our savior. I can see that overstamped with a cross in the background. very elegant font

Please e-mail me privately and tell me if you want the half price Scor-Pal or the rubber!! I will be out of town until late on Sunday.

the second winner is ......... Jennifer M. said...

I make more cards, but I do enjoy scrapbooking once in awhile!

and you will get the one she does not choose! Thanks to everyone for participating!! It was fun ... I will try and do it again soon. Blessings!


mnhyrkas said...

Happy Birthday Rita! Thanks for sharing your fun with us. I sent an email to your gmail address. thanks! adelle

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday Rita :)
Thanks for sharing and inspiring us.

Jennifer M. said...

Wow, I can't believe I won! I recently got a Scor-pal (and will be using your wonderful card ideas!), so if the first winner chose the stamps, definitely pick someone else who needs the Scor-pal!