Thursday, November 1, 2007

Altered Organizers

Hey .. did you all survive the Halloween candy?? I had very few trick or treaters here this year. Maybe the days for going door to door are gone ..

I was at a farm school (middle school) today doing some group tutoring in math, it was really nice. The kids were fun and really wanted to learn. I only have one more week to do this, I have really enjoyed it but it takes me a while to get my math skills de-rusted!! (I am a retired high school math teacher)

Today I am going to show you some really cute organizers I altered for of course my craft shows. I found these photo organizers really cheap at a local store chain here and thought they would be great for photos, recipes, bills, receipts, and a lot of other stuff too. The first picture is of the first two I made ... then I got carried away and I think I have 14 or so made now. The second shot is using some double sided paper I got really cheap. I have had fun designing with it! I even decorated the insides. I have them all packages up and ready to go for Nov. 9-10 my first show. I will be teaching a class making one of these and two other purses from folded papers in Nov. I will announce the dates soon in my Nov. newsletter

Yes ... I still have more projects to show you too ... but later. I felt so abundant today driving in the beautiful fall weather and the gorgeous leaves! I feel abundance for the fun I had with the middle school kids and my Gabby. I also feel abundance for the great apples I picked up at the fruit stand in the country today! Life is good ... but they are saying snow on Friday here so I will need to really stretch to find my abundance then. Did you count your blessings today too? Blessings to all and thanks so much for stopping bye to see my creations.


Roberta said...

Rita - these are awesome! I would love to learn how to make one but unfortunately I live several hours away and it is not possible for me to take the class when you offer it.


abhall76 said...

I LOVE these Rita! I especially love the colors you chose on the first two.

Angie said...

I am curious which store you purchased these at? Thanks!