Thursday, March 8, 2007

A wonderful High Tech Tool!

This is probably one of my most used tools with my projects. It is a really ... really ... really .... expensive one too! LOL I learned this from a dear friend, Avis. Take a piece of very thick fun foam (I like 1/4") and cut into a usable size. I like mine long and thin so they will slip into those tight stops. I stamp mine for decoration but you do not have to and then add a push pin. It can be any size or type. I have used little ones, round ones and now I have found these jumbo ones at Walmart that work great! I have even used a straight pin with it. It all depends on the size of the hole you want and your ability to handle it with your hands.

Now you ask ... what in the world do you use it for! Well everything! Here are a few off the top of my head:

* To add a brad or eyelet
* For added dimension to your card - use either side of the paper for a different look
* For hole to hand stitch through
* To run a piece of Scrapper's Floss or twine through to hand a tag, bead or charm
* For the technique Faux Stitching
* To run wire through
* To add a safety pin or straight pin for embellishment
* I even have used the large push pin to help push ribbon through the hole

This is one of my essential tools in my work area. If you have another idea of how to use this High Tech Tool please add a comment. I love reading them and would love to hear more ideas for it! Blessings

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