Monday, April 4, 2016

Adventrues in Stamping

'Fun Folds for You' class is one of the three classes I will be teaching this year at Adventures in Stamping during April 22-24 in Akron, Ohio.  In this class I will be teaching 5 easy and fast fun folds for cardmakers.  This photo shows from left to right a Standing Corner Card, Stepped Panel Card and a Reverse Gate Fold Card.  If you are local and can not make it to the convention and are still interested in learning to make these cards let me know in the comments and I may offer them in my home this summer if there is enough interest. 

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Lee said...

Hi Rita, I have a question please. In the notes for the convention the supplies listed state that you need "mounting cushion." I'm not entirely certain what that is. Is this foam tape? Thanks for your time@