Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cards for a Cause

Last Wed was our first Cards with a Cause day and girl did our ladies produce cards!!  I am so proud of all of them .... Arden P, Sandy A, Sharon B, Joan K, Kappy M, Andrea B, Nancy K, Fran B, Mary Jo T, Angela K and myself.  We made 200 cards for Operation Write Home!!!!  It was fun, relaxing and was for a great cause.  If you do not know them it is an organization which collects hand-made cards and sends them to the troops overseas to send home.  Here are a few of the designs we made ...

 Lighthouse is a Stacy's Stamp and words are retired TAC  stamps.

 All retired TAC stamps.

All retired TAC stamps.

 Deer and pine stamps are Stacy's Stamps, words are retired TAC stamps.
 All retired TAC stamps

 Snapdragons are Stacy's stamps and words are retired TAC stamps

Shells are Stacy's Stamps and words are retired TAC stamps.

And here is what they looked like ready to be mailed out!!!

We will be doing it again next month if you want to join us let me know. I plan on contacting two local organizations to see if they could use some cards next week.  I encourage every stamper to get involved with a group and make cards for local or national organizations every once it a while ..... your cards will be blessing to so many people!

I am so excited that I really think I have found a church that I am enjoying.  I have gone twice and really love going. The minister/people have been so great to me and they have lots of things I feel I would like to get involved with.  With the loss of TAC in my life I knew I had to get involved with another social community and what better way than to get involved with a local church that I enjoy attending.  I have been blessed again!

Today I designed four of the five cards for my Mojo classes for Sept.  It was hard for me to get started since all of my classes, for the last 12 years, have used all TAC stamps .... I wasn't sure if I could design cards using stamps from other companies for classes.  But I did!  And I am pretty pleased with them if I can say so myself!  They will be posted in the next couple of days.

Remember if you are local and want to attend my classes, check out my calendar (at the top tab) and let me know when you want to attend.  If you are not local, I do sell my classes via PDF files, let me know what you are interested in getting! 

Have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend .... it is raining here today and suppose to on Monday also so I will get lots of stamping done. 

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Chelsea said...

Great cards. Isn't it sad that all TAC stamps are retired now. :(