Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dotted Dalia

Hi .... I have been a little detained with life here and have not been blogging as much ... sorry.  I have been finishing up a move of my antique hutch out of my stamping room and in it's place have made a die cut area with a table.  I am loving it!  I have been doing some more reorganizing in my studio especaillay where I sit and stamp and am liking the changes.  Also, I had a four legged friend in the house that was NOT invited  ..... and that I am horribly afraid of ...... I that I had to catch and get out of here.  DONE!!!  Now I can stop being so nervous!

OK ... back to the card .... I used 'Dotted Dalia' for the image and 'Happy Leaf' for the words.  It is a simple and easy card with no coloring!  I added a corner punch at the bottom corners, layered the words and added a ribbon. 

This Friday I will be the guest on Savvy Projects and I plan on sharing a few of the new ideas I will be making for my craft shows this fall.  Also, on Friday I will be picking up two great friends from the airport to come stamp and play with me.  We are going to have so much fun!!!  I can not wait to see them ... we did not get to see each other this year at seminar so we are still going to be able to have your yearly time together.  It will be so much fun Jen and Lori!

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