Sunday, December 7, 2008

Today's Blessings

This is an different post of me today. I will not she sharing any projects but I just had to share with you a great blessing that I have been receiving! I had a wonderfully busy month in Nov. and one of the things that happened is I meant a woman, Marilyn, at a craft show. She invited me to a private craft show and asked me to do a TAC workshop for her. She had a lot of her family and friends there. I was delighted to work with so many new customers who loved crafting and stamping. We ALL at a great night! Lots of laughing, stamping, teaching and great fellowship. I did get to see two different woman who I have meant in my past experience (non-stamping) who I had not seen in a long time and was able to visit with them. It was great time. Then in the course of things she invited me to a woman's tea today which was a WONDERFUL experience at St. Noel's. Each hostess brings her own place settings, centerpiece, linens and decorations and sets a gorgeous table for 10 of her invited guests. Our hostess, Marilyn, made us some beautiful gifts too! I was so lucky to be invited!! And I sat next to a woman who I have not see in a long time who I worked with many years ago!! Yes, the world gets smaller and smaller all of the time .... how our lives keep crossing over. We had a few very moving and remember able readings all in candle light, a light lunch, great fellowship and a GORGEOUS room to look out. My guess was there was at least 250-300 woman attending. I even won a doorprice which will always remind me of this time .. it was a wooden word 'believe' and candle with 'beleive' on it too.Now through this process we discovered that we also have another person in common in our lives! Yes, I guess you could say we are almost family ... her son married my niece a long time ago. I have know her son and granddaughter for a long long time but had never meant her and the rest of her family. Can you believe that!! My niece now lives in NC and I do not get to see her much but I will be able to see her more now that I know her husband's family!! I have been so blessed to have Marilyn enter my life. She at inspired me with her wisdom and her creativity. She has touched me with her thoughtfulness and devotion to her family. She has reminded me of the things that are REALLY important in our lives. She has blessed me with her friendship. She has also reminded me that GOD is instrumental in our lives and in lives of others and does give us what we need the most when when REALLY need it. Thank you Marilyn. Just another reminder to me ....

That being an angel is just more FUN!! Thanks for reading.

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Stamp Angel said...

Rita, that is a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing it and remembering what the spirit of Christmas time is all about! May you continue to recognize those blessings and may there be MANY in your bright future.