Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mini brag books

Here they are .... I have been asked by my customers to make mini brag books to carry photo with them in their purse .... well here they are.  I got the idea form Vickie H a former angel with TAC.  She had received my trades at seminar this year and sent me her trades.  I changed the dimensions a little to make it more practical and easier to make but the idea is basically the same.  No stamping on them ... no these ... I decided to leave them plane so people could use them for what ever occasions they wanted. Notice how they fold out and then have three panels that open to hold more photos .... hey .... I think we made these a few years ago at a winter leadership in TX out of felt .... yea we did.  Here is a close up ...

I think they came out real cute.  How about you?

These and a few other ideas are what I am getting prepared for my fall craft shows which will be here real soon!

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