Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wine boxes & tags

Currently these are my top sellers at my shows.  I made wine boxes and tags to put on a bottle of wine for gifting.  I used a retired set from The Angel Company called Fruit Collage and various words stamps.  The pictures do not show them off as well as I would like. 
 The tags have 3D flowers on them and on the back I folded up the bottom and only taped the sides so a gift card  would fit inside if you like. 

Here is a box with an empty wine bottle in it .... I wonder who drank it .... as you can see I do not fold the boxes up to sell them.   I put Scor-tape on the bottom and so they can fold and tape it together to form a box when they are ready to use it.  It is so much easier for me to carry and keep safe at the shows this way.  The directions are on the Scor-pal site but I changed it slightly by making the tab to hold it together 1/2" instead of one inch and then added 1/4" to two of the sides.  So the sides of the boxes are 3" and 2 3/4" and it works better for me.   The top edge I used border punches on.

I used thick ribbons around them and colored the images with my Copic makers.  I hope people enjoy using these as gifts for friends and relatives. 


Diana said...

I love these boxes!! My husband makes his own wine, and we'll give them out as gifts this year, and a box like this would be awesome to give them in. How much do you charge for them if you don't mind my asking?

Rita Kegg said...

Thanks for you comment ... I sell the boxes for $4 and the tags for $3. I sold quite a few this past Sunday also. The directions are are the Scor-pal site but I changed them slightly like I mentioned in the post. Enjoy.