Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Books

I have a hard time keeping these little books in stock!  It is a book with listing for all of the books you want to read, have read or have loaned out to others.  It has 120 entries printed on both sides of the paper on the inside. I used my Cricut and A Child's life for the images.   I included a matching book mark with these books as a bonus with a little poem and about books and friends.  These make great gifts for people in your books groups to keep track of the books you may want to read together.  What I like about mine is that I can write down what I what to read (given to me by friends) and take it to the bookstore or library with me so I am sure to get the right book.  I make them in dark green, red, and two different shades of beige.  Here are more pictures of the books.

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StampinCarol said...

You are so clever! Great idea!